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Associate Member

The development of socio-analysis arises from a community of practice, and the connectedness of practitioners. The Centre seeks to serve this function through offering a focus for connection with colleagues in Australia, and overseas. As such the Centre is creating the role of Associate.

One of the meanings of Associate in the Oxford English Dictionary is “One who is united to another by community of interest etc., a partner, comrade, companion”, and this is the sense we would want for an Associate of the Centre for Socio-Analysis.

Criteria for Associate Membership of the Centre

1. Experience of an Event (Workshop, Conference, Organisational Role Analysis, Exploration Meeting etc.) organised by the Centre for Socio-Analysis, or by the Australian Institute of Socio-Analysis, or other organisation with a socio-analytic approach.
2. A wish to support the aims of CSA.

Nomination by a Director, or Associate, of CSA.


Benefits of being an Associate Member

1. Being part of a socio-analytic community, and linked with international colleagues.
2. Contributing to the development of socio-analysis.
3. Sharing ideas with colleagues, and learning from colleagues in different work areas.
4. 10% off course fees, socio-analytic exploration meetings, and a 10% deduction on Organisational Role Analysis and other CSA Programs.
5. Access to CSA Library of articles (approx. 450) and copies of “Socio-Analysis”.
6. Copies of CSA Working Papers.
7. Participation in possible reading groups, and interest groups, for Associates.
8. Listing on CSA Website

It is anticipated that most Staff on CSA projects will be Associates.



The annual fee for Associateship of the Centre for Socio-Analysis is $120 + GST = $132.


Apply online

To apply for Associateship, please complete your details below and click "Submit". We will respond to your application as soon as possible. Alternatively, download a printable copy of the application form here (pdf format).

Your name:
Address for correspondence:
Contact telephone: (work) (home)
Socio-analytic experience with CSA, AISA or other organisation:
Work interests:
Reason(s) for wishing to be an Associate:
Nominated by:



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