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Authority for Self: Analysis

As individuals we develop our being, and identity through family and close relationships; work; spiritual practice; intellectual, artistic, social, sporting, political, community, and other interests. While there may be overlaps, our engagement in, and with these interests, and systems, is often kept separate e.g. work, and family life. Yet as a whole person with an integrated identity, we know intuitively that our being and how we are in these systems is linked, though we may not be very aware of the nature of the links, except to say “yes, that’s me”.

What is this “me” or “self”? And where does it come from?

Authority for Self analysis explores one’s current experience of self in the different activities of one’s life, and the shaping of this self through school, and family of origin, experiences. The exploration is of connections in the present across activities, and connections between the present and a past that is actively influencing the present.

Authority for Self analysis provides an opportunity to explore the nature of Self as it is revealed through how one takes up authority in the most important aspects of one’s life. A premise of Authority for Self analysis is that this exploration can strengthen, and sometimes transform, one’s sense of Self and being.


To increase capacities to take up Authority for Self.


  1. Authority is a link between these areas of one’s life, and its exercise creates the sense of a continuous Self.
  2. Exploring and linking one’s experiences at school, and in one’s family of origin, with regard to authority, will illuminate how one perceives, and takes up authority in one’s adult roles – e.g. as a manager, a parent, a lover, an explorer, a writer and poet, a thinker, a seeker of spiritual wisdom.
  3. There is a waking, and dream, relationship to the important aspects of one’s life, and these form a balance.
  4. The Self is revealed through wonder and connection (anxiety may be useful as a warning mechanism, but to base actions on anxiety, is frequently limiting, disconnecting, and disabling of authority).

The Process

Authority for Self analysis is carried out through one-on-one consultancy with a consultant socio-analyst from the Centre for Socio-Analysis. It begins from a mapping - usually through drawing - of the major aspects of one’s life as it is now, and the experience of oneself in these life circumstances. The map is called a “Life-in-the-Mind” drawing, and it is a snapshot of how you experience yourself now. The drawing changes over time.

In discussion of the drawing with the consultant you choose the main area, or areas, of your life you would like to explore. For example:

  • exploring stress, conflict, dilemmas, and opportunities in one’s work role;
  • developing the courage, and will, to fulfill an ambition;
  • developing an understanding of family dynamics, and one’s role in these dynamics;
  • exploring the sources of spiritual ennui;
  • putting into practice career and life ideas;
  • integrating work, and family, roles and responsibilities;
  • exploring a lack of direction, or a repetition of patterns, in one’s life. 

The sessions offer an opportunity for getting in touch with one’s feelings and thoughts as they arise in the exploration of a particular area, and reflecting on their significance, with the Consultant. The exploration is likely to bring up unthought connections. How does one take one’s authority for meaning through integrating these thoughts within oneself? To do so extends one’s capacity. Dreams frequently illuminate what is disconnected between oneself and the area one is exploring. As such the sharing of dreams, together with associations, is encouraged during Authority for Self analysis.

The setting is conducive to both, reflection, as well as to planning actions on the basis of reflection. Sessions begin from what is on your mind – experiences that have happened since the previous session, new thoughts and ideas about the area that is being explored.

As the sessions develop different areas of one’s life are likely to emerge, and unfold, in relationship to the area that is being explored.

During the Authority for Self analysis there will be sessions devoted to exploring:

  • one's experiences as a child at school,
  • one’s experiences in one’s family of origin,

and their relevance for the adult self one is exploring, e.g. at work, in one’s family, in spiritual practice. Attention is paid particularly to the origins of authority in one’s school and family experiences, and how this may be influencing one’s adult roles. It is hypothesised that this deepening of understanding will broaden, and strengthen one’s sense of Self in the activities one is engaged with, making possible, perhaps, a new synchronicity, and peace.

Consultant role

The Consultant’s role in the Authority for Self analysis is to listen to the client, pay attention to how he/she (consultant) is being made to feel, and to make observations, links, and hypotheses, to assist in the exploration. In general, it is creating a setting, and helping establish a field of mind, that is conducive to exploration and transformation.


Authority for Self Analysis begins with a first session of 1.5 hours, and following sessions of 1 hour, usually at weekly, or fortnightly, intervals. The frequency of sessions is by arrangement with the Consultant.

Towards the conclusion of the initial 6 – 8 sessions a decision is made whether to continue the exploration, or to stop at the end of the contract.

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