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Previous exploration meetings

CSA has sponsored the following Exploration Meetings:

9 August, 2004, “On the Importance of Looking Up”.
Larry Osborne. Royal Society Building.

13 September, 2004, “The Things We Learnt At School”.
Vincent Carr and Sue White. Royal Society Building.

8 November, 2004, “The Organisation as a Container for Dreams”,
Alastair Bain. Royal Society Building.

22 March, 2005, “Explorations in Social Dreaming”,
W. Gordon Lawrence, Mary of the Cross Centre.

24 May, 2005, “Health Care Systems and Death: Modern Day “Culling”
of the Old and Very Sick?”.
Alastair Bain. Mary of the Cross Centre.

28 June, 2005, “The Meaning of Money for Organisations”.
Christopher Falkingham. Mary of the Cross Centre.

26 September, 2005, “Authority in the Mind: Double Threads:
1. Sources in Wonder and Sangha
2. Sources in Anxiety, the Individual and Hierarchy”.
Alastair Bain. Mary of the Cross Centre.

24 October, 2005, “Transitional Leadership”.
David Loader. Mary of the Cross Centre.

20 March 2006, "Discovering Our Political Selves".
Larry Osborne. Atrium, St Michael's Church Atrium.

1 May 2006, "Exploring the Meaning of Citizenship Using our Dreams and Experiences"
Alastair Bain, David Patman, Himadri Potter. St Michaels Church Atrium

12 December 2006, "Socio-Analysis: When wonder ceases, knowledge begins”
Alastair Bain, Joshua Bain. St Michaels Church Atrium.

22 August 2007, "Moving Matters: Exploring meaning and movement in human systems"
Shelley Ostroff. Dante's.

22 October 2007, "MySpace or Oor Space? Socio-Analysis in a Networked World"
David Patman. Dante's.

17 December 2007, "A new member of a group…imagine what it’s like for an infant"
Christopher Falkingham. 64 Carlton Street.

27 February 2008, "Attachment Issues in Day Care and other Situations". Lyn Barnett. 64 Carlton Street.



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